Renovation update – first phase completed

New Study Areas

The first phase of the renovation of the reading rooms has been completed. The signatures that are used now, are the Library of Congres signatures. Apart from the obvious places where you can sit and study there is also the option to study in an individual study cabin or in one of the  group study rooms (where one, obviously, is allowed to speak). These cabins and rooms can not be reserved. Keys are available at the reception desk on a first come first serve basis (free of charge but with your LU card as a deposit).

All reserve shelves are now placed near entrance 4.

LCC codes for O.L.G.

Somewhere in the next few weeks the books of O.L.G. will be renumbered. Because the LCC system has a different categorization than our current system the collection will spread over the building in three big blocks:

History (codes starting with D)

Religion (codes starting with B)

Language (codes starting with P).

The books in the B section (religion) have now been moved and the books in the D section are currently being moved.

Library of Congres Classification System

In the catalogue you will find codes looking like this:
I PJ6620. l154 1995 v.1
This might look slightly frightening at first, but is in fact not as complicated as it seems

I = 1st floor (when the books that now have douza or OOSHSS signatures will be renumbered they will get  the code II, for second floor)

P = language

J= oriental languages

So first track down the category PJ.

Next try to find number 6620 (this you will find after 6619, or if we do not have that after 6618 etc.)

Ignore what follows, except maybe the very last v.1, which stands for volume 1 (V2= volume 2 etc.).

For more information on the categories you can also check

All the doors of the new study areas have numbers. In the Catalogue you will find for instance “Study area 2” so you will find the collection somewhere near door 2. The collection itself is placed in alphabetical order. You always start on the left side and work your way to the right side. Large formats are placed on separate shelves usually at the end of a category. On the spot where the book was supposed to be (if it had been normal sized) you will find a white (dvd)box explaining where the large formats are placed.

For updated information about the renovation you can always check the renovation weblog

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